Am I a SUB or a SLAVE?

     My husband I have a good sex life but soon after retiring from the military it seemed as if something was lacking. I tired different things sexually from having sex everyday to some bondage, it worked for a few weeks but soon after it sizzled out.  Don't get me wrong we have a great relationship but i felt something was lacking sexually.  Before it was wild and crazy sex night after night i was getting fucked hard and regular. I assumed it was the lack of excitement from him being deployed a lot and his adrenaline rush. Soon after we sat down and disgusted the issues. He told me that some of his fiends talked about me and how they thought i was attractive and well boys talk tuned into sexual talk. he mentioned to me that members of his team have fantasized about me in a sexual manner.  I was a bit upset but at the same time the thought of other men finding me sexually attractive  was was beyond my wildest dreams.  One day Tony talked to me and asked to make an agreement with him, I knew it was going to be something out of this world so i listened carefully. The proposal was that once i got home I was to undress completely before the front door closed and remain nude for the remainder of the day. I thought sure why not so I agreed.  I'll do anything for him and our relationship, I started to get undressed the very next day. I walked into our home and set my things down on the floor and started to undress,  Tony sat there wide eyed and attentive as he lay his eyes on every inch of my nude body.  This went on for a week everyday undressing in front of the door no matter who saw me after all they could just see my back side lol.  One day I arrived to the house and stated to undress like normal so to speak after undressing i walked to him as all my clothes lay spread on the floor, from the restroom came one of his buddies and stopped in his track eyes wide open and jaw dropped. As i could not cover up fast enough Tony asked me to not worry it was only Joe a dear friend of his and a member of his team. i was so embarrassed yet a bit turned on. I paraded through the house completely nude and they loved every minute of it as i sat next to  my husband he began to run his hand up my thigh reaching my pussy as I was soaked in love juices. we began to make out and his friend Joe gazed on at us and becoming very hard as i noticed his bulge in front of his pants. I was SOOO turned on that I did not refuse and commands that my Tony gave me . He began by asking me to suck his cock but i had to bend over and do it so i did, giving Joe a full view of my ass and soaked pussy. Tony signaled Joe to join as i continued to suck on husband cock I felt Joe's tounge gently lick my rose bud and making his way to my kitty. At first i kind moved away but they positioned me again and again.  Next thing you know Joe was inside me pumping away into my pussy. As he made his initial entry i look straight into my husband's eyes and ask if he really wanted this. Little did he know that i was enjoying his huge cock drive deep inside me just the thought that it was someone else was so exciting.  With every thrust I moaned and looked at Tony in satisfaction, Tony decided to watch me fuck his buddy.  Joe was great he was about 6'2" 245 muscular and a cock that i can only imagine was at least 8 inches but extremely thick. I got so caught up in the sex i no longer looked at my husband for approval i was hypnotized in the sensual sex i was having. that night he spent the night with us and we fucked throughout the night. i don't know if that makes me a bad wife and companion but i loved every minute of this encounter. Tony loved the idea of watching me get fucked hard and deep. After he was done Tony reclaimed me as he took his turn in fucking me so hard and deep and it took our sex life to another level out of this world. Tony told me soon after that i would never had to cheat on him ever as long as he knew and i could bring anyone home as long as he know about it and meets them before hand. I don't know if this makes me a whore,  slut, etc. but our marriage has never been better. Yes we do get tested and before we bring anyone home they must be tested as well.  Now I enjoy being nude for my husband everyday and no matter who is home with him, we will remain nude in our home. WE both have friends some that i don't know and friends that he doesn't know we bring over and have sexual satisfaction.  This also led him into sexually sharing me, we love our lifestyle now and we love it. So I don't know if this makes me his slave of his submissive wife, but our excitement has returned and we love it. What I do know is that we will be together till death do us part and extremely happy.



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