How to Register:
Below the page on the right you have a button (under the login) with create an account.
Press that button. There you fill out your username, your password and email.
Press the button register.
A verify email will be send to your email adres (look in your spam box!)

Benefits to Register:
If you register you can rate all the blogs.

How to Rate a Blog:
Go out of the blog. Use the stars on the blog up on the right. With your cursor you can give the ammount of stars that you want to give. Once you clicked on it. its in. You can rate a Blog once.

How to comment on a Blog:
You only can comment on a blog if you are VIP user.
Then you read the blog and below is a comment area. Write your comment and click on submit right below.

Benefits to a VIP account:
If you get a vip account you are able to comment on all the blogs.
Also you get vip on our chatsite to!
If you are vip on our chatsite, you automatically get vip on our Blogsite.

How to become a blogger:
If you want to become a blogger or artist in one of our categories, let us know!
Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will contact you and we will help you on your way if there are places available.
It can be that the categorie you want to blog in is full. Then you can be placed on the waitinglist.
If your blog is so diffrent then the onces we allready have in the categories we sometimes can make an exception.

How to change your registered name:
Fill out the contact form. And in the message area you say what your name is and in what your want it to be changed.

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