Sensualand Site Rules

The Rules must be followed; Failure to do so will always result in Administrator action.

•Sensualand is for adults only. You must be 18+ to chat and participate here.

Illegal play:
A site Ban will result if you post or refer to:
Beastiality in any form.
  -No referring in your profile name.
   -No pics/gifs/ links
   -No content of so ever in your Blog.
•Rape or Forced play.
  -No pics/gifs or links.
  -No content of so ever in your Blog.
  -No incestuous contents in your Blog.
  -No pics/gifs or links.
  -No content (Asking, offering, sending, posting pics/gifs/links.) of underaged what so ever in your Blog.; It will lead to a direct permenent Ban from the site. And we will inform relevant authorities.
  -Always put 18+ in your post if you are referring to DDLG, baby, lil, young, girl or boy etc. You will be warned and any continuation will result in a Ban.

Personal information:
•Do NOT share contents from other users e.g., pics/gifs/links.
•Do NOT share screenshots or chats.
•Do NOT share personal information.

•We do NOT tolerate Racism, homophobia, insults or demeaning comments.
•We do NOT tolerate harassment, or personal attack. Post(s) will be deleted.
•If you are offended/insulted by a post report the post to a Moderator. Do NOT retaliate!

•Do NOT ask for: Sugar Daddy/Mommy/Baby.
•Do NOT ask/offer Money, Gift cards, Sexual favors, memberships etc.
•Do NOT advertise/promote any services or products on this site.

Illegal activities:
These will Always result in a SITE BAN.
•The promotion of illegal activities.
•The enticing of others to engage in any illegal activities.

Comment Rules:
•English only
•Do NOT Spam
•Do NOT post links to other sites or try to coerce or entice others to these sites.
•Do NOT impersonate other users.
•Do NOT try to access other users accounts.
•Do NOT use foul or vulgar language.
•Do NOT make an account with the intention to provoke or annoy other users.

If you are Banned:
•If you have been banned, you are banned do NOT make a new account and return.
  If you do, your new account will also be banned and your original ban will be extended.
•You can appeal your ban by completing the unbanned form. (Email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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