Welcome to Sensualand!

We are glad that our new and exciting art/blog site is almost finished! And we welcome you to it.

Through magazine you can go to different subcategories where diffrent blogs will be! Let them take you in a Sensual world.  Read, Enjoy, Learn, get ideas, and let your fantasy take you away.

Also you can chose Portraits. And see how these amazing Artists go to work. And what beautiful art they make. This can be drawings, photographs etc.

Are you thinking...  I want to blog to, or show my art. Let us know!! Fill out the contact form! And we will answer as soon as possible!

As visitor you cant react on the blogs, as registered member you can rate the blogs with stars, as VIP you can comment under all the blogs. As VIP, you also automatically have VIP on the comming chatsite that we are builing as we speak!! We are going to expend Sensualand bit by bit. First the blogsite, then the chatsite, maybe some upgrades and then we will build the next thing. But what.. Thats a supprise! And you have to find out! 

Under about us you have FAQ, Rules and be awere. Its good to read those. Do you have any questions, suggestions, want to blog etc. Let us know through the contact form!

Feel welcome! And enjoy everything Sensualand offers you now and in the future!

Greetings Sensualand staff