Would this be my first Consent List?

Hi 😊,I'm LaLuna and I'm going to take you away on a journey through my past, present and future..

Take what you need from the blog. Learn from my experiences, the do's but definitely also the dont's (trust me I made a few🙈).  Follow me through my journey how I became a submissive and how I experienced it irl as online.

Chef was back and Scott entered my life.
Through the whole street are all bars and clubs and because all the bars closed it was full of people. 
But i didnt see anyone. Only Chef and Scot.
Confused and quiet i was thinking. Im a natural submissive? But im not a submissive..
Chef said lets go to the beach and talk about everything that is going around in your head.
I nodded and walked with the two Doms to the beach.

At the beach we sat down and starting to talk.
The first question i got was, what i had found about submissives. So i told them i went to the library (yes in my time google didnt excists yet...)
and saw pictures of woman on crosses, woman who got slapped, woman who crawl.
I looked at them with the "i-dont-think-so-look"; you both crazy if you think i let anyone slap me around. And forget the crawling!!
No woman crawls for a man!
Both started to laugh. Did you read more? I said; Hell no!! That was more then enough for me, pictures say more then an few words!

The hugged me and laughed hard. I even got a little bit enoyed from it, as if i got laughed at.
So i wanted to leave. Well that was the first time i got a strict No, stay still.
My eyebrow lifted and i wanted to tell Scott exactly what i thought of it. But saw his face and his eyes. And for the first time in... well
actually first time ever i automatacally closed my mouth and sat still and was quiet.
Cheff squeezed my hand. Let us tell you more after that you always can chose Scott said.

They started to tell me about diffrent kind of BDSM relationships, diffrent kind of submissives and Dominants.
That what i saw  can be a part of BDSM. But that that are things you talk about with eachoter.
They told me how they got into BDSM and about relationships.
My head spinned and my brain was making 100 miles a hour. Chef grabbed my hand and squeezed.. Focus at me he said.. Dont let your mind take over.
Look at me. You know im your friend first of all. This is a safe zone.
I looked up and looked at Chef. Then he asked how did you always felt when you where with me last year?
I said you know you always quiet my mind and where my anchor. Then Scott asked how did i make you feel? When my hand closed around your throat,
where you scared? I said absolutely not and blushed very hard. Scott smiled smirking i thought so..
When pressed you against the wall where you mad? No.. i wanted more..
What if we take it slow and see what you like? The only answer i had was yes. Because the thought to not feel his hand around my throat or in my
neck wasnt one that made me happy.
I looked to Chef, he said and im always close by and answer all your questions honestly. And if Scott goes to far i will slap him around.
That made me giggle.

They brought me to my "house". And we all said goodnight.
The next day i entered the kitchen in the hotel and the sound of a deep calm voice through the kitchen brought a smile
around my mouth.. My anchor was back.
I worked the dayshift today. Chef and i had lots of laughs. The rest of the staff was all there or waking up.
I was happy to be back again.

After my shift i showered quickly and changed clothes. Scott sat downstairs waiting for me to be ready.
We decided to go on a walk through the dunes and talk further. We talked about his likes as Dominant. And asked me what i liked with foreplay and sex.
I felt sooooo embarrising to talk about that. I blushed all the time. The i can't tell you that like this" sentence came out of my mouth allot!
Often thinking WTF?!?? Do people talk about this??!
I had had sex before. But yeah more then some feeling at my breast, kissing and putting his dick in me i never had.
When we came at the house he shared with Chef and 2 other man we went to his room and he said shall we make a list? With all my likes and then
you can ask me about it and we can stripe it off or if you want to try we can do that.
I got the giggles by the thought to write it out. Would this be my first consent list?

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