Don’t like Labels

If you were to read my profile over on that other site, you would see where I say I don’t do labels. What do I mean by that? Labels create expectations, because we all have an image in our mind what a term implies. Labels create expectations. The problem is, we may be guilty of treating that other person according to our assumption of what that term implies.  Let me illustrate.


If someone calls me a dom, I will immediately say I’m not. The implication of a dom creates mental images of what I imagine a “dom” to be. Since I don’t see myself being that type of man with a woman, I reject the label. Does that mean I’m not an alpha in any sense? Does that mean I can’t take control or treat my partner with a sense of authority?  It doesn’t mean that at all. I just think a relationship between two people should be defined by how we relate to each other, not by starting with terms, labels or titles.


Daddy is one of those labels.  Nothing annoys me like having a girl I’ve never spoken to jumping into my dm and the first thing she says is “hi daddy.”  I’m not opposed to being called daddy, but when someone calls me that, it’s because we created a connection, and we both understand what that term means between us…beyond just being a kink of a younger girl with a much older man.


Terms, titles, labels…can be a hurdle if they aren’t defined together to create a mutual understanding in the context of our connection.


I like being called daddy, under the right situation.

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